Environmental Innovation

Innovation is about bringing together new ideas to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a technology or process resulting in a positive impact on society. Learn more about the key environmental issues relating to oil sands development, and find out how industry is addressing them.

Canada's Oil Sands

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Community Involvement

Industry works closely with the people whose land is affected by oil sands development.

Economic Contribution

Canada’s oil sands industry provides economic benefits to Alberta, Canada and across North America.

Energy Markets

Diversifying markets for Canadian oil production is vital to ensure Canada receives full value for its natural resources.

GHG Emissions

Canada’s oil sands industry continues to reduce GHG emissions intensity. Oil sands account for 9.3 per cent of Canada's GHG emissions.

Indigenous Affairs

Industry works with potentially affected aboriginal groups to seek ways to mitigate the impacts of oil sands development.

Land Reclamation

Canada’s oil sands industry is committed to reducing its footprint, reclaiming all lands affected by operations and maintaining biodiversity.

Markets and Transportation

Diversifying markets for Canadian oil production is vital to ensure Canada receives full value for its natural resources.

Our Energy Future

We will need all forms of energy to meet the world’s growing energy needs. Canada is uniquely positioned to provide an abundance of safe, secure energy.

Regulating and Monitoring

Reliable, long-term environmental monitoring based on sound science is in everybody’s best interest. Monitoring systems gather valuable data for independent scientific reviews and inform new monitoring needs as industry grows.


We continue to focus on keeping our workers, and the public, safe.

Tailings Ponds

Alberta is developing technologies that will speed up the transformation of tailings into reclaimed land so that the land can receive a reclamation certificate and be returned to the province.

Water Quality and Monitoring

Oil sands projects are required to conduct extensive hydrological studies as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment process and perform ongoing monitoring of both surface and groundwater that may be impacted by operations.


Oil sands producers take extensive efforts to minimize impact to wildlife habitat.