Quebec Economic Benefits - 2019

Quebec’s economy benefits from Canada’s oil sands: study

Environmental innovation and management at the oil sands are significant, because they are directly related to the extent of production activities. The Economic Impact of Environmental Innovation in Canada's Oil Sands - Economic Concepts Case Study analyzed the economic impact of environmental innovation at Canada’s oil sands, both globally and through case studies. It consists of three parts: a literature review on the integration of environmental innovation into the business value chain; a review of economic and environmental performance indicators; and the analysis of five cases of environmental innovation: restoration of caribou habitat; satellite measurement of GHG emissions; the use of virtual sensors to improve steam quality; injection and capture of CO2 in production residues; and a gas turbine attached to steam injectors.

Together, these five innovations have increased business revenues, reduced production costs and created jobs. The projects reviewed had potential applications beyond the oil sands; however, only two of them had initiated actions to follow-up on these opportunities. Knowledge sharing and the publication of results constitute a definite opportunity for several economic sectors in Quebec to explore these innovative solutions, for example in forestry, the mining sector, the heavy manufacturing industry, environmental management, non-residential construction, as well as civil and industrial engineering.