Indigenous Affairs

Industry works with potentially affected Indigenous groups to seek ways to mitigate the impacts of oil sands development.

Alberta's Indigenous population is young and growing. With a number of Indigenous communities located near oil sands developments, solid relationships with industry have created mutually beneficial employment and business opportunities.

We believe that people living close to our operations should share in the benefits in ways that are meaningful to them. As an industry we strive to actively engage those communities through regular communication to identify both concerns and meaningful benefits. CAPP member companies work with Indigenous communities to seek ways to mitigate the impacts of oil and gas development in their traditional territory. Depending on the scope of the development, this consultation may occur throughout the life of the project, from initial project planning through to final reclamation.

Indigenous suppliers in Alberta on the rise 2013 - 2016

Since 2013 industry has worked with 65 Indigenous communities and 399 companies.

In 2015 and 2016, 399 Indigenous companies from across Alberta had direct business (goods and/or services) valued at $3.33B with oil sands operators. These companies represent 65 communities across Alberta. In 2013-2014 Indigenous communities and companies in Alberta represented 3.5 per cent of total oil sands procurement. In 2015-2016, business between Indigenous communities and companies in Alberta and Canada’s oil sands increased to 4.1 per cent. (Source: CAPP, 2018)