Community Involvement

Companies operating in the oil sands area continually work to create and ensure ongoing community benefits.

Most of the oil sands are located in the Athabasca area. Fort McMurray, Alberta, is the largest city in the area, which also includes a number of smaller communities and several Indigenous communities. 

Oil Sands Deposits Map

For many of the oil sands companies, these communities are not only where they operate, but where their people live. As such, it is our intent that stakeholders feel that their community is improved by industry being there.

The Oil Sands Community Alliance (OSCA)  was formed by industry to help build thriving communities where oil sands companies operate.

OSCA was established in 2013 with 15 industry members. Its mission is to pursue innovative solutions to build thriving communities and enable responsible growth of Canada’s Oil Sands.

OSCA itself is relatively new, but builds on 20 years of cooperation among oil sands companies and regional stakeholders through predecessor organizations including the Oil Sands Developers Group (OSDG) and the Regional Issues Working Group (RIWG).

OSCA has four main focus areas:

Community Wellbeing

Understanding and managing the physical, social and economic effects of development in our communities


Working with other active groups to forecast employee numbers, required skills and help to retain an adequate supply of trained workers in Alberta’s oil sands


Promoting safe and efficient infrastructure to move our workforce, residents, goods and services throughout our local communities

Indigenous Community Relations

Strengthening relationships with Indigenous communities to enhance economic and employment opportunities now and into the future



Oil Sands Community Alliance

OSCA pursues innovative solutions to help build innovative and thriving communities. In 2013 they spent $11.7 million to facilitate consultation opportunities with local communities.