Community Involvement

Companies operating in the oil sands area continually work to create and ensure ongoing community benefits.

Most of the oil sands are located in the Athabasca area. Fort McMurray, Alberta, is the largest city in the area, which also includes a number of smaller communities and several aboriginal communities.

For many of the oil sands companies, these communities are not only where they operate, but where their people live. As such, it is our intent that stakeholders feel that their community is improved by industry being there.

Oil sands companies are active in communities through training and employment, by providing local engagement opportunities on project plans, by contributing to the tax base and by providing funding and volunteer support to local charitable and community-based organizations.

As an association, CAPP and its members regularly engage with local community groups who are interested in receiving more information about our industry, including town councils, local chambers of commerce and community leadership groups.



Oil Sands Community Alliance

OSCA pursues innovative solutions to help build innovative and thriving communities. In 2013 they spent $11.7 million to facilitate consultation opportunities with local communities.